Monday, August 31, 2015

Book Launch of Kirtida Gautam at Title Waves Bookstore

I like reviewing things which is zara sa hatke (out of the box) and so this time I'm going to take the privilege of reviewing an event. This #event was one of those rare occasions where everybody present felt bold enough to be there, to come together and applaud the courage and work, detailing the lives of those exposed to the rape culture. 



Kirtida Gautam, launched her first book - #IAm16ICanRape in the prestigious presence of her Guru, her Godfather, her mentor - Anjum Rajabali. The book is said to have over 2years of research study involved with over a dozen perspectives disclosed, of people, which go for and against the whole affair that surrounds around a "RAPE". 

If you have a look at the two images above, I find that the creative pull towards the cover design is stronger in Image 1 than Image 2. It is simply an observation, had I been given the choice I'd definitely opt for Image 1 as the cover picture for my book. 

Usually, it is observed that a book launch mostly has people the author knows closely. There were very select few including myself who had made the effort of being there exclusively just to get fulfillment....on the 22nd August .  So a book launch, is, in itself , an event which must be structured well just like a film script, it must be scripted from end to end. For instance, I generally make it a point when I'm having a book launch, that I spend more time with the people who I don't know from the ones I know, so that they don't , for a moment, feel out of place when they enter a space where they didn't know anyone. Sometimes, it proves more profitable in doing so than otherwise. 
I ensure that every word I speak is rehearsed well and memorized by me, I ensure I am professionally projected in front of an audience.. no matter how tempting the big blunder of becoming personal nudges me, every passing second whilst am addressing an audience. 

The emotional high of becoming a "published author" is so great that there are many intricacies that are often overlooked which the audience sitting there do not miss. One must be AWARE about that. 
Remember, it is "Your Moment" , people over there have come for YOU. Sharing the cake with another author sitting in the audience is a very noble thing to do just how Kirtida promoted Debashish Irengbam, shifting the limelight from herself .. hats off to her!!! 

I learnt so many things from Anjum Sir that day about hosting a book launch. Firstly modesty and warmth goes a long way, the best way to do it is maintain a smile on one's face. The host is suppose to go all out in encouraging and pampering the author to such a extent that the audience shifts from becoming freinds/relatives to fans. Be genuine and stick to the facts, it maintains decorum. I'm truly grateful to him for imbibing in me such a lot plus he made me retrospect into my past mistakes which I can improve upon. 

With this I'd like to conclude that the book is supposed to be a super hit blockbuster feature film in the future given that the author is an ex-screenwriter from FTII. So needless to mention make it your bedtime story..AAAARRGHH!!! No really  :) 

All the very best wishes to Kirtida !!!!! 

Kirtida Gautam

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